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15 Urban Ave. Westbury, NY 11590 Phone: (516) 997-8400

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“Concision in style, precision in thought, decision in life.”

Victor Hugo

Originally founded in 1944 under the name Kyungsung Precision Industry, present-day Kia Motors has made its mark in the automobile manufacturing industry as a producer of exquisitely precision-engineered and stylishly designed cars for markets worldwide. According to renowned car designer Peter Schreyer (and Kia’s chief design officer since 2006), “A car needs a face, and I think the new Kia face is strong and distinctive. Visibility is vital, and that face should immediately allow you to identify a Kia even from a distance.”

It is this dedication to style and excellence in engineering that places Kia-made cars consistently at the top of product quality surveys, including recognition as one of the 100 Best Global Brands and 50 Best Global Brands (according to Interbrand global consultancy).

But even the best brand, no matter how precise in handling or beautiful in design, is subject to the same vagaries of the road as any other car, from weather to driver error to just plain old bad luck. The likelihood is that you will drive your Kia without incident for the life of the car. Once it is involved in a collision, however, all that precision and design goes out the window, and you are left to wonder: What now?

The only correct answer to that question is: Bring it to a Kia Recognized Collision Repair Center — one like Keri Coach Works—for proper repair by a local, independent, and certified body shop.

Keri Coach takes pride in the fact that fewer than 5% of body shops across the U.S.A. are qualified for this certification! As a member in good standing of this exclusive network of Kia-certified body repair facilities, Keri Coach Works strives every day to earn the trust of Kia car owners whose vehicles have been damaged in road accidents or by other causes. In order to adhere to the rigorous auto body repair standards set forth by the company, our technicians undergo hours of Kia-specific training.

The company’s certification program ensures that the collision repair provider has the authorized tools, equipment, training, and facility resources required to repair Kia vehicles to OEM specifications while maintaining the vehicle’s fit, finish, durability, functionality, and safety.

This means that:

  • the vehicle’s original structural integrity and driver safety features are restored to their original condition;
  • your car is returned to you with a like-new appearance, from perfect-match paint finish to precise, factory-spec fit of parts; and
  • certified repair maintains the vehicle’s resale and trade-in dollar value.

In addition, because Keri Coach is part of the Kia Recognized Collision Repair Network and uses only Kia OEM replacement parts, applicable manufacturer and extended warranties on the vehicle remain intact.

So in the event of a collision or other damage to your Kia automobile, rest assured you are in good hands. The Kia Recognized Collision Repair Center plaque that we proudly display at our body shop in Westbury, New York, assures Kia car owners that bringing your car to Keri Coach Works for repair is one of the best life-decisions you can make.

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